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Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to quickly install and manage applications without any hassle.

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Add Remove Restart
Add Remove Restart

Apps for Every Need

From cloud syncing to productivity tools, install and host a wide range of applications effortlessly.

One-Click Installs


Install apps with a single click, without dealing with complex documentation.


Safe Remote Access

Access your apps from anywhere without exposing your network to the internet.


Lightning-Fast Performance

Achieve high speeds even if your ISP is slow, thanks to our optimized infrastructure.

Free Data Transfer

We provide free data transfers from other hosts at no extra cost.

Your data is private

Your data is secure and private, protected with strict confidentiality measures.

Optimized Performance

Our platform is tuned to ensure your applications run at their best.



Powerful Hardware

We leverage the most advanced and powerful hardware to ensure top-tier performance and reliability.

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