rTorrent with ruTorrent

We use rTorrent as our backend together the with ruTorrent WebUI for easy management of your content.

FTP Access

All our slots come with FTP access so you can transfer your content as you like.

HTTP Downloads

You are able to access your content over the web browser because we provide direct HTTP access.

Encryption Enabled

All our services have encryption enabled so you can choose to use a secure connection in order to keep snoopers at bay.

Data Transfer

Moving from an older host and want your data moved? We provide this free of charge!

Unlimited Bandwidth

We offer unlimited bandwidth so you can download/upload as much as you like.

Create Torrents

Our WebUI allows you to create torrents so it is hassle free (you do not have to create it on your computer first).

RSS Feeds

Want to auto download from a RSS feed? We support it!

Media Info

You can easily check the technical information of a video file from within your WebUI.


Want to take screenshots of your videos at specific intervals? Simple use your WebUI!

Quota Info

You can easily check how much disk space you have used and how much you have remaining from within your WebUI.

File Manager

Want to manage your files from the web browser itself? Do it from within your WebUI!

View Content Online

You can easily view your content online without having to download it first.

Archive/Extract Support

You can unpack archives or create them as you like.


Do you want to automate your downloads using irssi? We have it covered!


Want to stay safe while on public wifi? Simply use the free VPN we provide.

HTTP Proxy

We even provide a HTTP based proxy service that will allow you to anonymize all traffic from your browser or an application.

Transdroid Support

We allow you to control your WebUI using your mobile phone.

Experienced Support

We have been in the seedbox market for over 5 years now, so you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

FXP Access

We allow FXP so you can transfer data from one server to another on your own, without having to use your bandwidth.